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The 60min VIDEO COACHING explains quickly and easily what Type 2 Diabetes is and how a affected person should adjust the diet. The Nutritional Medicate Method consists of 4 stages. Often it is forgotten, a diet is always individual! With my formula the customer calculate the 4 diet steps depending on his current food intake. During the diet ideally the doctor can reduce his pharmaceutical medication step by step and stop treatment by medication completely. The idea of treating Type 2 Diabetes with carbohydrate reduction is not new. During my research I found therefore some books that already deal with this topic. The problem was that these books were often flawed, incomplete and difficult to read. I decided to put the topic in a whiteboard video coaching and make it easy and comfortable for everyone to understand.

What makes this Type 2 diet so special compared to other diets ? It’s because I got diabetes myself ! That’s why I was able to observe and optimize the effect of my diet by regular blood glucose measurements on my own body.

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About the Author

About the Author

Diabetes is evolving into a global epidemic in the 21st century. Every day, several thousand new cases are diagnosed.
People with Type2 diabetes can often free themselves from pharmaceutical drug treatment with a simple diet change.
With my coaching I want to make it easier for the people to reach this goal.
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