4 Step Diet for Type 2 Diabetics

the alternative to pharmaceutical drugs

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What is a Diabetes Diet ?

Looking for ways to manage your blood sugar levels and keep up your good health? When it comes to managing type 2 diabetes, your food intake can make a huge difference.
Which diets are especially for diabetics and which one is the best. Before we get more in detail, let’s see what the main problem is and why a diabetes diet is so important for diabetes treatment.

Among the several causative factors of type 2 diabetes, obesity and an inactive lifestyle are the commonest, but not all type 2 diabetes patients are overweight or obese. The crucial point is that a diabetes diet is not all about losing weight, much more important is to lower the glucose content in your blood. That you automatically lose weight through such a diet is seen more as a side effect which is undesirable in diabetics who are not overweight.

The sugar content in your blood must be lowered. If this value is elevated over a long period of time, it can expose you to different kinds of health issues. Instead of taking chemical pharmaceutical drugs, you can lower your blood sugar with a targeted nutrition.
But now let’s take a closer look at a few “so-called” diabetes diets…

5 Diets that are often used to fight Type 2 Diabetes

  1. The spectrum diet plan: This is one of the strictest diabetes diet plans on the planet. It is very similar to a vegetarian diet plan and it can make you lose weight fast. It is recommended for people who desire quick results with their weight but carbohydrates and fruits form the basis of the diet so the subject of blood sugar lowering is completely ignored. – my conclusion: the diet will be a failure when it comes to type 2 diabetes.
  1. Volumetric diet plan: This diet plan revolves around the consumption of water-rich foods, like potages, veggies, and fruits. To make this diet plan even more nutritious user often combine the water-rich foods with whole grains. In so doing, every single meal derived from this diet plan will be rich in fiber and vitamins. like above, this diet also ignore that fructose drastically increase your blood sugar value. Conclusion: this diet will be also a failure when it comes to Type 2 diabetes treatment.
  1. VB6 diet (Vegan Diet) plan: VB6 is an acronym for “Vegan Before 6 PM” and it involves the consumption of vegan-based foods throughout the day. This diabetic diet plan is highly recommended for type 2 diabetes patients, as it reduces the saturated fat and trans fat consumed in every diet. This diet plan will keep you hydrated all day long, making you feel like you are full, even as you consume insignificant amounts of dairy, meat, or fish. At the end of the day, this diabetes diet plan will help you lose weight without making you look malnourished. But we see the same pattern again carbohydrates and fruits…with other words sugar. This diet will be also a failure.
  1. Dash diet plan: The dash diet plan, which is an acronym of “Dietary approaches to stop hypertension”, is a plant-based diet plan and often people try to treat their diabetes with it. Foods included in this meal plan are heart-healthy fats, whole grains, poultry, fish, lean meat, and low-fat dairy. As it was first intended for hypertensive individuals, it may help you manage issues relating to high blood pressure…but nothing more because we see the same carbohydrate / fruit pattern again.

  1. The Mediterranean diet plan: I do not know what to say….google it and you will see the same pattern again…

But why all these diets above in my opinion will fail:

When it comes to a successful diabetes diet the focus must be to lower your blood sugar level with a targeted nutrition. As side effect this automatically causes a weight loss. But If this effect is not desired because the person already has a normal body mass index, he can also be avoided. Those who have focused on weight loss in a diabetes diet have completely missed the topic, so the truth is that many existing diabetes diets are useless !

Albert Einstein once said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

If you consider diabetes as a kind of sugar intolerance the whole picture changes. When you combine this view with a chemical analysis (of which foods contain sugar) then you will also understand why diabetes is developing into a worldwide epidemic in the 21st century. The main part of our worldwide nutrition consists of sugars and chemically hidden sugars !

Based on this knowledge, I developed the Nutritional Medicate Method for Type 2 Diabetics:

The 60min VIDEO COACHING explains quickly and easily what Type 2 Diabetes is and how you should adjust your diet. The Nutritional Medicate Method consists of 4 stages. Often it is forgotten, a diet is always individual! With my formula you can calculate the 4 diet steps depending on your current food intake. During the diet ideally your doctor can reduce the pharmaceutical medication step by step and stop treatment by medication completely. The idea of ​​treating Type 2 Diabetes with carbohydrate reduction is not new. During my research I found therefore some books that already deal with this topic. The problem was that these books were often flawed, incomplete and difficult to read. I decided to put the topic in a whiteboard video coaching and make it easy and comfortable for everyone to understand.

What makes this Type 2 diet so special compared to other diets ? It’s because I got diabetes myself ! That’s why I was able to observe and optimize the effect of my diet by regular blood glucose measurements on my own body.

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works for me, already after the first stage, I see results in the HbA1c, many thanks 🙂
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or all those looking for a balanced Diet, the Product is not suitable. But I agree with the Author, rather an unbalanced Diet than the Drugs of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
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great Coaching, thx
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the coching helped me a lot, I gave 5 stars
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I can't believe it, why didn't my Doctor tell me that ?
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This Coaching helped me a lot because my body did not tolerate the Diabetic Medication - thanks.
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good product 🙂 would be great if you add a few recipes or a Cookbook 😉
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60 Minutes are not very long but he gets to the point
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finally someone recognizes it !!! The carbohydrate diet makes our world sick and he explains why. great content
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I did not know that carbohydrates also consist of sugar compounds. Now I realize why my HBA1C value has not improved despite regular sports. I ate more carbohydrates through the sport....
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great coaching, especially with the individual carbohydrate calculator
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every $ worth - many thanks to the publisher
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Now I understand why diabetes spreads so rapidly... I hate Chemistry, but he describes it easily understandable and the conclusions from it are incredible.
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great product
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it helped me a lot
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I bought it for my husband. Thank god my husband is now finally convinced and changes his diet.
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I can recommend this coaching to anyone with type 2 diabetes
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convinced my wife to change her eating habits - great 😉
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